Lawyers in Real Life — Summer 2019

posted on in Firm News

Y’all probably know that we have an annual Firm Christmas party…but did you know it turned in to a Karaoke Club this year?! Our Firm family gathers each year to reflect, fellowship, and enjoy a delicious meal together to celebrate the season and the party this past year topped them all. After all the food was eaten, drinks were enjoyed, and stories of the past year were shared, the singing started! A family friend grabbed his guitar and started stringing away! Before I knew it everyone in the room was singing James Taylor at the top of their lungs 🙂 Talk about a party! By the end of the night lawyers, staff, families, and friends were all singing some of our favorite classics and Christmas carols- it was merry & bright, full of holly jolly, and the most festive fun evening!

Stay cool and dream of a white Christmas {in July},

– Jenna Norris, proud Armstrong Law Firm Paralegal