Our Property Dispute Lawyers can help with your Property Disputes. Let A Eastern North Carolina Property Dispute Attorney help with your Commercial Property Disputes now.

Eastern North Carolina Property Dispute Attorney

Are you frustrated that the other party involved in your dispute has not even tried to right the wrong? No one wants a lawsuit, but when it’s necessary, you want an attorney who can and will fight for you. Eastern North Carolina business dispute attorney L. Lamar Armstrong Jr. works closely with clients embroiled in commercial or residential property disputes to ensure their rights are upheld and enforced. As a Trial Attorney for over 30 years, Lamar has the necessary experience and knowledge to solve your dispute in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Commercial Real Estate Business Disputes

If you are facing a disagreement or potential breach of contract regarding commercial real estate, leases, or other property interests you need an attorney with experience in both business disputes and property law.

Lamar is prepared to file an injunction to preserve the status quo. A lawsuit may be necessary to enforce your rights under a contract, lease, insurance policy, state or local laws regarding:

Commercial Property Disputes

  • Commercial Lease Disputes
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes
  • Breach of Contract
  • Eviction
  • Commercial Property Insurance Disputes

Residential Property Disputes

Even good neighbors have disputes from time to time, including disagreements about property lines, easements, new fences or trees that have the potential to cause damage. When these situations escalate, neighbors’ relationships suffer greatly.

If we believe you need to take action, Lamar will explore with you all your potential options for relief. With over 30 years of experience litigating these types of issues and business disputes, Lamar will recommend and guide you through the best strategies to resolve your property dispute.

Let Our Armstrong Law Property Dispute Lawyers Help

As a small town law firm with highly experienced attorneys, The Armstrong Law Firm, P.A., offers clients legal representation free from outside influences in the business community. Let Lamar be “Strong for You.” If you are involved in a business or residential property dispute, contact our Eastern North Carolina business dispute attorney. Our staff can review your paperwork and situation and invite you to meet with Lamar.