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Catastrophic Personal Injury

The consequences of a serious personal injury are devastating to entire families. In addition to expensive hospital and medical bills, the injured party will be temporarily or permanently unable to work. Without necessary income, it will be difficult or impossible to pay a mortgage or household bills. When a person sustains injuries because of another’s negligence, it is only fair that the injured party receive compensation to pay for the resulting bills, lost income and other damages. Eastern North Carolina injury attorney L. Lamar Armstrong Jr. has helped injured people ease their suffering and financial burdens for over three decades.

Lamar is proud to be a trial attorney whose main personal injury practice areas include:

Car Accidents

North Carolina injuries suffered after a serious car accident can change a person’s life forever. Lamar guides his clients through very difficult times and fully investigates the causes of an auto accident. While insurance companies try to deny and minimize a victim’s rightful claim, Lamar will demand full financial compensation. He is prepared to take the responsible party to court.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors must treat patients according to the accepted standards of care determined by the medical profession. Doctors or health care professionals who violate medical standards can seriously injure or kill their patients. Lamar works closely with medical experts to investigate and prove the medical negligence that caused a patient serious personal injury or death.

Defective Products

Flaws in design, mistakes in manufacturing, or failure to warn consumers of dangerous products cause serious personal injury. Lamar holds the responsible parties accountable to both victims and the public for manufacturing and selling unsafe, poorly constructed and/or inadequately labeled defective products.

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