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Eastern North Carolina Divorce Attorney Marcia H. Armstrong Has the Experience You Need

Eastern North Carolina divorce attorney Marcia H. Armstrong is first and foremost a trial attorney for family law cases. Her many years as a litigator has afforded her specialized knowledge and keen insight regarding equitable distribution of property. She offers her clients candid and compassionate advice as to the best path to protect their rights to property, whether that may be settling the issues with a separation and property agreement or proceeding to trial.

Full Disclosure of All Assets & Debts

In every divorce case, a full and thorough disclosure of all assets and debts, separate and marital, must occur. This means that each spouse must give the other a complete accounting of all property owned and debts owed. If your spouse has not given you a complete disclosure, you should not agree to a settlement.

Marcia helps her clients uncover assets and debts through the discovery process. If it becomes apparent that your spouse is not cooperating in providing a full disclosure, Marcia will discuss with you the need to file a lawsuit in order to uncover hidden assets and debts. Marcia can and will issue subpoenas to third-parties, such as banks, employers and other individuals and entities in order to obtain the necessary information. Third-parties who have been subpoenaed will then provide information directly to you. Marcia also uses investigators and experts, if and when necessary, to account for all property.

Valuation of Assets

In addition to disclosure of all assets, property must be valued correctly. This is not always a simple task, as many assets may be valued differently, depending on the type of asset and who is performing the valuation.

A few examples of property that need to be professionally valued include:

  • Real estate and real estate holdings
  • Closely-held businesses and business interests
  • Partnership agreements and shareholder interests
  • Pensions and retirement assets
  • Stocks, stock options and mutual fund portfolios
  • Future interests

If you do not have accurate valuations, you may not receive a fair settlement. Additionally, it is difficult, if not impossible, to set aside a settlement agreement once it is signed by both spouses. It is therefore essential to have an accurate property valuation for all assets prior to settling your case.

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Before you sign a separation and property settlement agreement, you must be fully aware of your marital rights. Marcia’s many years as a divorce attorney affords her unsurpassed knowledge regarding equitable distribution of property, and she will ensure no stone remains unturned when you are deciding whether to settle your case or proceed to trial.

If you are unsure about the extent and value of your assets and property in a difficult divorce, let Marcia be Strong for You. Contact our firm to ensure your marital rights are protected and enforced. Our legal staff will review your situation and schedule an appointment with Marcia for a full case evaluation.