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“Strong for You” sums up The Armstrong Law Firm’s mission. Attorneys L. Lamar Armstrong, Jr. and Marcia H. Armstrong, along with the firm’s other attorneys and staff, use their knowledge of the law blended with wisdom gained during more than 30 years of experience to stand strong for clients in business disputes, personal injury and family law matters in Eastern North Carolina.

No one wants a lawsuit. Everyone should try to make peace with those who have wronged them. Peace requires that the wrongdoer make right the wrong caused. This requires giving up something taken or paying money to fix damages caused. When you have tried to settle your disputes and make peace, but receive nothing but denial and rejection, what do you do?

Some simply “take it” and absorb their losses while allowing the wrongdoer to profit rather than pay. Most people wronged by others want to take action. They know our legal system offers hope, but they are afraid of the position or power of the wrongdoer who must be brought to justice, and they fear the unknown process of litigation.

Let us take away the fear by putting our decades of experience to work for you. If you are ready to take action, The Armstrong Law Firm is ready to be strong for you. Call for help today (919) 934-1575.

Meet Our Team Experienced legal professionals committed to being strong for you.

For more than three decades, husband and wife partners L. Lamar Armstrong, Jr. and Marcia H. Armstrong have earned the trust of clients and the respect of other attorneys throughout Eastern North Carolina. Their skilled, committed and ethical representation of clients has prompted other attorneys to rate both Lamar and Marcia as Super Lawyers® and as “AV Preeminent,” the highest rating of skill and ethics in the legal profession. Marcia and Lamar, as well as attorneys L. Lamar Armstrong, III, Daniel Kash Keeney and Eason Armstrong Keeney, and their team of paralegals and staff enjoy working with clients in a family atmosphere, while being “Strong for You” to resolve your legal problems.

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What Being ‘Strong for You’ Means

  • We are trial attorneys. We do not fear the courtroom. It is our home where we can fight for you.
  • Although our office is based in Smithfield, near Raleigh, we practice throughout Eastern North Carolina. We are not influenced by and do not fear the local power or position of those we must oppose. Because we are not tied into the influences of your local community, we are not concerned about pleasing those with power or position.
  • Based on our 30 years of experience, we know how to explain the foreign world of lawsuits so you will understand what you face. We pride ourselves on the family atmosphere at our firm that will help you deal with your lawsuit. We won’t make it fun, but we will help you minimize your stress and tolerate the process.
  • Lawsuits and litigation require experience, and we have it. Decisions and strategies are not taught in law books, and can never be exercised in a “paint by the numbers” approach. Wisdom acquired through our 30 years of trying cases means we know how to help you make smart decisions to achieve a good result.
  • Our goal of a “good result” means getting you there efficiently and at a reasonable cost. We do this through reliance on skilled paralegals and support staff and use of state of the art technology to provide effective legal services. We don’t waste our time or your money.
  • Being “Strong for You” means we aggressively pursue your interests. It does not mean we are difficult to deal with and, in fact, we try to work cooperatively with opposing counsel. Because there is a dispute about which we disagree does not mean we have to be disagreeable to resolve it. We fight the battles we need to fight to win the war for you. We avoid collateral damage.
Our Areas of Expertise

Based in Smithfield, The Armstrong Law Firm represents clients from throughout Eastern North Carolina – including Raleigh and Fayetteville – in a variety of legal matters. Some of our key practice areas include:

Business partners and parties to contracts should be honest. We help you hold others accountable in their business relationships or dealings with you. As trial attorneys, we are committed to taking these wrongdoers to court if they continue to refuse to make right their wrongs through negotiations or mediation.

Our personal injury attorneys are strong for victims who have suffered serious injuries due to the careless actions of others, helping them get the compensation they need to right a wrong.

Despite what their marketing says, insurance companies don’t always act in your best interests. When an insurer fails to hold up its end of the deal, you need an attorney who will be strong for you.

If you are seeking a divorce and you own a business or have a complex property division, you need an aggressive family law trial attorney to inform you of your rights and advocate for your interests.